New Bathroom Suite

The biggest hindrance for Zanne in her home is her existing bathroom.  The current space is cramped, inefficient, and difficult for her to use because of her mobility restrictions.  Currently, Tim Sweeney and I are in the process of designing a new bathroom suite to be located in the room next to Zanne’s original bathroom … Continue reading

2012 Event

Zanne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in February 2004 and lost the use of her legs six years later.  The damage caused by her condition has left Zanne in significant physical and neurological pain, leaving her fatigued and unable to fully function in her own home. Zanne has been an active member of the Madison … Continue reading


Welcome to Project Home’s Hammer with a Heart blog!  The Hammer with a Heart program has been working with the communities of Dane County, Wisconsin for over ten years to provide free major home repair for lower-income homeowners.  This blog will feature event information and updates starting with the 2012 project.  Check back here for more details … Continue reading