Welcome to Project Home’s Hammer with a Heart blog!  The Hammer with a Heart program has been working with the communities of Dane County, Wisconsin for over ten years to provide free major home repair for lower-income homeowners.  This blog will feature event information and updates starting with the 2012 project.  Check back here for more details on what is upcoming for this May!

4 Responses to “Welcome!”
  1. tim says:

    Welcome to 2012 NARI Hammer with a heart blog. This blog will have co writers which will include myself and Lane Brown an intern for Sweeney Construction. We will be posting on this blog to keep you informed about the upcoming progress and needs for this years Hammer project. Keep tuned in for information about the recipient in our next blog.

    Zanne (short for Suzanne) Gray. More about Zanne next time around.

    The next big steps include

    1. Designing of the bathroom and kitchen
    2. Soliciting volunteers for the project
    3. Soliciting materials for the project.

    If you want to help start with marking your calendar for the first Saturday in May the fifth to be exact.

    To automatically keep up to date see the check box at the bottom of the page. Check the box and you will receive the updated blog as soon as it is posted.

    Notify me of new posts via email.

    That is all for now!

    Thank you for your interest


  2. Hellos! I like to see more and more post on this blog. I like this one post even and I want to wait for more from you. thank you so much keep smiling. craighorman

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