Moving Right Along

With just over six weeks to go before the May 5 repair date, we have made a lot of progress in coordinating the materials and labor needed for the changes to Zanne’s home.  A big thanks goes out to all of those who have helped keep the project on track.  We appreciate all the hard … Continue reading

Project Goals

We are looking forward to the May 5 event with several goals in mind for what needs to be accomplished on Zanne’s house.  Demolition and removal of some of the existing aspects of the house will actually begin in early April with the help of the MATC Construction & Remodeling Program’s faculty and students.  The … Continue reading

Remodel Plans

Check out the new page for the remodel plans for the residence of Zanne Gray, this year’s Hammer with a Heart project home owner.  Feel free to leave any feedback below or on the “Plans” page regarding the proposed design for her new bathroom suite.  And stay up to date about further details on what else will be repaired on … Continue reading