Project Goals

We are looking forward to the May 5 event with several goals in mind for what needs to be accomplished on Zanne’s house.  Demolition and removal of some of the existing aspects of the house will actually begin in early April with the help of the MATC Construction & Remodeling Program’s faculty and students.  The project goals after demolition will be as follows:

  1. Remodel of the kitchen into an accessible space for Zanne
    • Installation of new floor
    • Installation of new easier access cabinets
    • Installation of new countertops at accessible height
  2. Remodel of an empty bedroom into an accessible bathroom suite
  3. Relocation of the washer/dryer to the existing bathroom
  4. Repairs to the exterior surfaces of the house
  5. Replacement of the screen on the rear porch
  6. Removal of the outdoor hot tub and supports
  7. Removal of over grown shrubs and vegetation in the yard
  8. Removal of downed trees in the yard

Right now, we need the most help with the kitchen remodel.  If you would like to support the Hammer with a Heart project by offering materials or labor for the new kitchen, please contact Tim Sweeney.  Thank you for all that will be assisting with this great event!


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