Demo Days

04/09 AM Students

Today marked the first day of deconstruction on Zanne’s house as we prepare for Hammer Day in less than a month.  Allie Berenyi, Instructor in the Construction & Remodeling at MATC, led the charge of 12 students from her program in tackling the main issues on the house.  With the help of Jay Statz (Statz Construction), the students disassembled the existing kitchen, pulled the flooring and drywall from the soon-to-be bathroom suite, and removed the hot tub and other unnecessary elements on the back porch among other tasks completed for the day.  Tomorrow will include extending the ramp to the front entrance, prepping the bathroom suite for the new plumbing work, and deconstructing the downstairs bathroom.  And a special thanks goes out to Dennis from Benjamin Plumbing for setting up the bathroom plumbing and Greg from Stoppleworth Plumbing for installing a new water heater and water softener today for Zanne.

Also, coming soon will be a new page for photos from the project from demolition through completion!  And be sure to follow Zanne’s experiences throughout this process through her blog on the “Links” page.


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